Merkel doesn’t speak for all Germans! – Ukraine – Russia – EuroMaidan


Many polls confirm that most Germans deny the policy of the West world in Eastern Europe and specially of German government and Chancellor Merkel.

Regarding the genocide against the Russian minority in the Ukraine it’s time to explain that German people not support the policy of German government and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to provide the EuroMaidan and its extreme right-wing „Right Sector“.

In the light of our own history we Germans dissociate from the extreme right-wing violence against the Russian minority in the Ukraine. We convict the military mission – cynical called „anti-terror operation“ by the interim government in Kiev – and we demand the stop of all armed activities immediately.

We never forget Russia’s support during the German reunification and are grateful for it. We remember exactly the agreement between President Mikhail Gorbachev and Secretary of State James Baker that the NATO never expends eastbound. We Germans understand and respect Russia’s requirement of security. We demand the unconditional cancelation of all penalties against Russia.

Furthermore we Germans take notice of the prudence of foreign policy of President Vladimir Putin and we are hopefully that the politicians of Ukraine, Russia and European Union find a peacefully solution for all Ukrainian people.

Dieser Artikel ist Teil 6 von 54 der Serie Bürgerkrieg in der Ukraine

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